Info and Safety

Cancellation Policy:

A deposit in the amount of $50 is required on any inflatable jumper. A deposit in the amount of $75 is required on any combo unit, wet/dry slides and tent rentals. If a customer pays in full and is within the terms of refunds, they will be given their money back, minus the deposit.

Deposits placed on any reservation with Top Notch Rentals are only refundable due to inclement weather. For example, excessive winds, lightning and/or excessive rain.

Cancellations are refundable only if made outside of one week of the rental date, otherwise there are no exceptions.


Rules for Safe Operation:

  • ALL participants must remove shoes,eye glasses and any other sharp object that can cause injury.
  • No flips, wrestling, running, or pushing.
  • Do not bounce against the sides, near the entrance, or on the step area.
  • No food, drinks, gum, pets, or silly string in or around the jumper
  • No hanging on the unit.
  • Exit if the inflatable begins to lose air and deflate
  • Unload the participants immediately and deflate the unit if winds speeds exceed 15 mph
  • Only compatible age groups and sizes shall play on the inflatable unit at the same time.
  • No Participants are allowed on a partially inflated unit.
  • Under no circumstances is climbing on the exterior of the inflatable allowed.
  • ALL extension cords and straps should be placed in such a manner that no one can trip on them.
  • Also, no electrical cords should run through puddles or near a pool.
  • ALL inflatable should remain securely anchored and fully inflated before any participants are allowed to jump.
  • Keep dogs and all other pets away from the inflatable.
  • DO NOT MOVE the inflatable unit once the setup of the unit has been completed by the employee.


Inflatable Capacity

Unit Size Children 8 & Under Children 9-12 Older Teens Adults
15x15 10 7 5 3
13x13 7 4-6 3 2
Slide 5 4 2 2